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Alumni Testimonials

Dr. Miriam Kathleen Gomez

My overall experience at ASAB-NUST has been very enriching. My time at NUST enabled me to meet a wide range of friends from different parts of Pakistan. Regardless if it was attending lectures or having a day out together; it was truly an amazing NUST experience. I consider myself fortunate to have made friends with people who are still closest to me. ASAB-NUST will always be in my fondest memories.

As a student at NUST, I was privileged to experience quality education and receive support to pursue academic interests.  I was encouraged by my mentor to fully explore my potential and international opportunities. It was during my postgrad studies that I was nominated for NUST Faculty Development Program. Through this amazing program at NUST and Principal’s Career Development Scholarship and Edinburgh Global Research Scholarship from University of Edinburgh, I was able to pursue my doctorate from Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine, University of Edinburgh.  My time in Edinburgh was a great learning experience and the support provided by my supervisors, lab members and staff certainly helped find my interests and shaped the person I am today.”

Dr. Saira Justin

National University of Sciences and Technology has been pivotal in setting me on a journey of transformation; a transformation that has rewired my ability to think, perform analysis and research and most importantly equipping me with skills to solve problems by applying my knowledge practically by dovetailing innovation into creativity

As a professional, NUST specializes in providing highly competitive grooming, at par with global standards, polishing human resource to have an ability to grab an opportunity by keeping an eye on international trends.

My student life at NUST has been overwhelmed by the warmth of acceptance, diversity of different cultures, a genuine sense of belonging irrespective of one’s cultural, ethnic and religious background.

I completed my master’s under Dr. Touqeer Ahmed’s supervision in Healthcare Biotechnology from Atta ur Rahman School of Applied Biosciences (ASAB) with 4.0 GPA and was awarded president’s gold medal. After that I earned a fully funded scholarship from NUST to fulfill my dream of doing PhD from abroad. I got accepted in Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt, Germany with Dr. Roman Blaheta as my supervisor. It was a big breakthrough in my life and NUST supported me in this mission all along. Though my experience in Goethe University was more than precious it wouldn’t have been possible without all the financial support I got from NUST. I was able to manage my finances and studies effectively through constant guidance that I got from my Principal Dr. Peter John. For me the most important role played by NUST in my academic career was supporting my PhD journey which enabled me to solely focus on my research without feeling any financial pressures. After three and a half years I came back to NUST with a PhD degree in Natural Sciences in my hand. On my return NUST welcomed me with open arms and now I am part of the prestigious institute as a teaching faculty. I am now a colleague to the ones who have been my mentor in my professional studies, and I am proud of it.

NUST stands out hand and shoulder above other institutions because of its commitment to support academic progression of its students, and my personal testimonial is the one that chronicles this experience with a great sense of humility and gratitude. From being a postgraduate master’s research scholar to being awarded a fully funded scholarship to finally coming back to NUST as a faculty.