ASAB Departments

Department of Plant Biotechnology

Plant biotechnology is the unique area of science that allows the researchers to make precise changes to the plant at various levels, making it better adaptable to its environment. Over the years Plant Biotechnology has shown to play a vital role in the development and infrastructure of nations.The devastating threats to plants from natural as well as introduction of pathogens continue to challenge the crop production and environment globally

Department of Industrial Biotechnology

The Department of Industrial Biotechnology has kept a high standard of education and research in a wide range of the biotechnology field. Employing DNA technology, protein engineering and cell/tissue culturing techniques, in combination with the recent advancement of the biomolecular structure determination,genomic information and bioinformatics, the department is revealing basic

Department of Healthcare Biotechnology

Healthcare Biotechnology (HCB) represents the complex of modern biological approaches in the field of Healthcare research and industry. Healthcare Biotechnology methods are used primarily in the pharmaceutical industry and modern clinical diagnostics. The research training in this domain is programmed for the candidates intending to develop their careers in scientific-research institutions,