Seminars and Workshops Webinar with PhD Fellows at University of Cambridge

A webinar with PhD fellows at University of Cambridge was arranged by the Industry Liaison Office at ASAB. The initiative was focused on educating students regarding higher education and research opportunities available at the University of Cambridge with an emphasis on the Gates Scholarship and Gap Summit 2020. Gap Summit is an annual student-run, world-class biotechnology leadership summit with the core objectives of substantively discussing pressing challenges facing the bio-economy and catalyzing innovation to solve these challenges. Gap Summit competitively selects 100 Leaders of Tomorrow from around the world to attend, and recruits current leaders across the global biotech community to inspire the next generation. Gap Summit is proudly the flagship event of Global Biotech Revolution (GBR), a youth-led nonprofit which connects and develops future leaders to accelerate the growth and advancement of the global biotech ecosystem.

The guest speakers were:

Khayam Javed – PhD fellow at Gurdon Institute, University of Cambridge

(Research Focus: Developmental Biology)

Arqum Anwar – PhD fellow at Babraham Institute, University of Cambridge

(Research Focus: Cancer Biology)

Marketing Director Gap Summit 2020