Seminars and Workshops Visit of DAAD Officials

A delegation comprising of the following DAAD officials and professors visited ASAB:

Prof. Axel Klein, Specialization Biochemistry, Bio-materials, Synthesis and use of iron-sulfur clusters, University of Koln (Cologne), Germany

Prof. Wolfgang Tremel, Specialization, Biomineralization, drug delivery, in vivo sensing and catalysis, University of Gutenberg, Germany

Prof. Ronald Hertrich, Specialization   Economics, University of Coburg, Germany

Mrs. Maria Bossman, DAAD Head (Bonn Germany)

Mrs. Inge Iqbal Director DAAD Islamabad

Mrs. Dagmar Beerwerth, DAAD staff (Bonn Germany)

Ms. Fatima Liaqat, DAAD office Islamabad