Researches AntiBacter Research Group

AntiBacter Research Group

Focus of the Lab
  1. Investigation of the zoonotic potential of avian and bovine pathogenic E. coli
  2. CRISRP-CAS mediated genome excision to target virulence/antibiotic resistance genes
  3. Silencing of the bacterial toxins/virulent genes of E. coli via synthetic sRNA
  4. Phage therapy; molecular characterization of bacteriophages to use them against bacteria
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Group Lead
Dr. Fazal Adnan 

Assistant Professor
Industrial Biotechnology, ASAB NSUT
Tel: +92 51 90856142, Cell: 03333122939
Specialization:  Molecular Microbiology, RNA biology
Education: PhD Molecular Microbiology, Justus-Leibig University of Giessen, Germany

Lab Members 
PhD Scholars 
  1. Amna Jalil
  2. Sidra Hafeez
  3. Hira Niaz
  4. Gul Naz
  5. Maria Kanwal
MS Students 
  1. Andleeb Khizar
  2. Bakhtawar Nawaz
  3. Tehreem Nadeem
  4. Zamar
  5. Ahmed Hafeez
  6. Anza
  7. Muneeb Ul Hassan
Research Associate 
  1. Quratulain Farooq
  2. Taj Wali Khan
  3. Arsalan Khan
Current Projects
  1. CRISPR-CAS3 mediated whole genome excision of the Avian Pathogenic E. coli (APEC); a novel strategy to combat colibacillosis in poultry birds
  2. Investigation of the antibiotic resistance and zoonotic potential of Avian Pathogenetic E. coli (APEC) and Mammary Pathogenic E. coli (MPEC) from poultry and bovine source
  3. Application of phage cocktail as preventative and therapeutic approach to combat E. coli  infections​ in  human
  4. Pharmacoinformatic screening of the MDR pathogenic E. coli strains and devising an antibacterial peptide based therapy against these MDR strains
As Co-PI
  1. Combating biofouling in the reverse osmosis membrane via Rhamnolipids; a novel greener alternative    approach
Research Funding
  1. CRISPR-CAS3 mediated whole genome excision of the Avian Pathogenic E. coli (APEC); a novel          strategy to combat colibacillosis in poultry birds”.  This project of  3.1 million PKR is awarded as PI  under the HEC- NRPU program by HEC, Pakistan. Grant duration 2019 to 2021.
  2. Combating biofouling in the reverse osmosis membrane via Rhamnolipids; a novel greener alternative    approach”. This project of 2.7 million PKR is awarded as Co-PI under the HEC- NRPU program by        HEC,Pakistan. Grant duration 2020 to 2022.
  3. Silencing of the antibiotic resistance mecA gene via synthetic non-coding RNAs in the Staphylococcus    aureus”. This project of 0.5 million PKR is awarded under the HEC- SRGP program by the HEC,          Pakistan.Grant duration 2016 to 2018.


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