News MS Agribusiness Management Admissions Fall 2021

MS Agribusiness Management Admissions Fall 2021

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Agribusiness is a sub-field of business, management, and organization studies, that deals with making a profit from agriculture and corporate farming. Agribusiness includes the production, processing, and inventory of agricultural goods. It involves the management of a diverse collection of activities along the agriculture supply chain which include inputs, agronomic equipment and technologies, raw materials and their processing, suppliers, value-addition workforce, and other resources. Similar disciplines include animal management, forestry and nature management, management of the living environment, agricultural economics, and rural enterprise. 

Program Objectives

a. To apply technology and management theory to problems of agribusiness and rural development
b. To analyze and understand the decisions made by public and private actors in agriculture and agribusiness.
c. To develop strategies and competencies to address Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), mainly poverty alleviation and zero hunger.
d. To acquire hands-on skills for a positive contribution to the agriculture industry.

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