Departments Department of Healthcare Biotechnology

Department of Healthcare Biotechnology

Healthcare Biotechnology (HCB) represents the complex of modern biological approaches in the field of Healthcare research and industry. Healthcare Biotechnology methods are used primarily in the pharmaceutical industry and modern clinical diagnostics. The research training in this domain is programmed for the candidates intending to develop their careers in scientific-research institutions, clinical and diagnostic laboratories, analytical services, pharmacological and pharmaceutical companies, etc.

For the first time in the history of human healthcare, biotechnology is enabling the development and manufacturing of therapies for several rare diseases, genetic, epigenetic, infectious and noncommunicable diseases. The Department of Healthcare Biotechnology is working on these fore fronts to be a pioneer in understanding the mechanisms of these diseases and offering potential therapeutic avenues.

Healthcare Biotechnology, the specialized MS/PhD Program of Study, provides resources to the teacher to facilitate rigorous instruction and increase the level of student understanding related to health biotechnology concepts. Students will complete hands-on activities, projects, and problems designed to build content knowledge and technical skills in the field of Healthcare biotechnology. Students are expected to become proficient at projects, both basic and advanced levels while working in following groups under the supervision of PIs in the department of Healthcare Biotechnology.

  1. Neurobiology Research Group (Dr. Touqeer Ahmed, Dr. Saadia Zahid)
  2. Human Molecular Genetics Research Group (Dr. Peter John, Dr. Attya Bhatti)
  3. Cancer Biology Research Group (Dr. Rumeza Hanif, Dr. Maria Shabbir, Dr. Saira Justin)
  4. Molecular Immunology Research Group (Dr. Aneela, Dr Ali Zohaib)
  5. Molecular Virology Research Group (Dr. Sobia, Ms. Yasmeen Badshah)
  6. Regenerative Medicine & Gene Therapy Research Group (Dr. Salik Kakar, Dr. Dilawar Khan)

Head of Department Message

Dr. Sobia Manzoor

We welcome you to the Department of Health Care Biotechnology at Atta-ur-Rahman School of Applied Biosciences (ASAB) NUST, established in 2012. Our aim is to build an innovative entrepreneurship environment and healthcare focused academic and research program to meet the demands and requirements of the ever-changing global economy that influences health care sector, management, and delivery. We are dedicated to build one of the most respected programs at the National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) and in the world. Our main goal is to develop leadership in academia, government and industry nationally and globally. The importance of global scientific, social and cultural interaction and the demands of the dynamic, ever-changing global healthcare economy have been strongly emphasized in our undergraduate and Post graduate programs. The tools and techniques of biotechnology have opened up new doors when it comes to researching and learning more about the human body and what goes wrong with it when problems arise. Due to being able to understand the molecular base of health and disease this has led scientists to improved methods of treating and preventing those diseases. Biotechnology has made a huge difference in human health care and has now enabled scientists to develop products which can give quicker and more accurate tests, therapies that have a lot less side effects and vaccines which are safer than ever before. Healthcare biotechnology has a tremendous impact on meeting the needs of patients and their families as it not only encompasses medicines and diagnostics that are manufactured using a biotechnological process but also gene and cell therapies and tissue engineered products. The Department of Health Care Biotechnology at Atta-Ur-Rahman School of Applied Biosciences (ASAB) is comprised of academic, research and technical staff, as well as students undertaking research projects. We provide education and research in biotechnology directed towards health care objectives. Teaching programs are run jointly by the Department of Industrial & Plant Biotechnology. This gives a unique multidisciplinary structure with participation from experts in a wide range of fields. Our academic and research programs further promote and expand close collaborations between medical centers and institutions. We believe that our unique program brings new ideas and additional dynamics to the health care sector. Our plans also include significantly increasing efforts to working with our clinical partners to build a joint PhD/MD Program to recruit the best and brightest students. If you are interested in being a part of the Department of Health Care Biotechnology as a faculty member, undergraduate or Post graduate student, I would love to hear from you.

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Our vision is to enrich our status as a world-class teaching and research organization which is acknowledged for its innovation and brilliance, and attracts the top students and staff both nationally and internationally.
Our mission is to sustain a department that is known to be equal to any in terms of teaching and research, quality of facilities it provides and the learning opportunities it offers which eventually improve the human health and enrich environmental sustainability. We belief in providing the greatest professional and academic standards for scholars which is based on growth and excellence, teamwork, trust and reliability, and value to study and novel research in the area of health sciences.

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